Together For Our Forests

written by Angela Kuhn

They should cover up to a third of all land on earth. They provide all that some of this planet’s most diverse and dense animal and plant cultures need to thrive. Not only do they support all these species, but also us.  
Us, cutting down millions and millions of acres from natural forests each year. Us, letting deforestation minimize yet an other of our most important ecosystems. Us, taking forests for granted, not fully able to grasp the importance they have for each and every one inhabiting this planet we call home. 

Once they’re gone that notion would change certainly, but let’s agree on starting to care right about now. You sure know trees help you breathe. But did you know, that up to half of all species live in forests? Nutrients are worked into soul by Insects and worms, while our birds and bees spread seeds and pollen. Wolves and wildcats eat herbivores, and so on - you sure have seen lion king. The circle of life is a real thing - we just call it Biodiversity nowadays. And it’s threatened by deforestation.

Forests feed us, they heal us, they give us life. 

So, what can we do about it? Welcome to the rodeo, buddy.
Let’s start where we are at, let’s start in Europe. The EU is globally responsible for over 10 percent of forest destruction simply through its consumption of meat, dairy, soy, coffee and cacao.
Now hold on a sec, we’re not telling you to stop eating chocolate. but we would like to call upon our community for action as we now have the chance to voice our opinions and vote for change. 


Check out the referendum down below
and make your voice count.



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