Completing and Contemplating


written by Lottie Lewis

Recently I heard poet Rupi Kaur say, “the opposite of depression is not sadness, but vitality.” She went on to explain that depression isn’t about being unhappy, it’s about life lacking spark.

To kick off the new year we asked ourselves how to find that spark. In a time where hugs are rare,concerts are cancelled and surfing’s been forbidden in certain places, we gotta get creative. Because anaccumulation of these sparks can light a happiness fire, that might even spread too. It’s quite easy to find happiness in the big things: going on a road trip, scoring a 10 out of 10 barrel inthe Indonesian tropics, getting a puppy, falling in love - but it is also found in the tiniest of actions. With half of the world mind surfing their way through lockdown, we thought it was time to addressthese little happiness seeds, and get them in the ground.

black and white picture of surfers

Good mornings lead to great days.

 With winter making catching the sunrise even easier, pop a coffee on the hob and whilst you listen to the bubbles and smell the sweet, rich scent, pull on your woolies and boots. Let’s get out and get going. Early doors, when others are still dreaming, you’ll find a land outside that you never knew existed. Coffee in hand, go get lost as the sun stretches her rays and begins to wake up the world.

Happiness can be found in doing good for your body, your mind and the planet. Doing exercise, be it walking, running, surfing, swimming or skating, will get the blood pumping and leave you feeling more joyful - fact. Endorphins are a chemical reaction that you cannot prevent so work out like you want it! Jump in the sea for a cold water dip, go for a surf, run a mile, dance! Shake up your insides and get those cells buzzing. Even going outside for a walk and a litter pick will make you feel great - you’re soaking up the elements whilst protecting Mother Nature - it’s a mental and physical wellbeing win. 

colourful picture campervan

Happiness can also be found in giving in to your wants. Don’t want to get dressed today? Well, don’t. Tough time at work? Drink a glass of wine. Sometimes you need wine on Mondays and that’s fine. No clean clothes because you haven’t done the laundry? Guess we’ll just be wearing something that smells today, again… Lockdown banana bread for breakfast? You are an adult which means you can eat cake first thing in the morning if that’s what you want.

All this working from home (or having too much free time on our hands) can lead to pent up energy, that might manifest in frustration. So let it out! Crank up the volume on your record player and dance around your kitchen. Sing in the shower. Create music, create art, create words, create anything! Let those juices flow and do something that sets your heart on fire. God knows we need it after staring at our laptops for the majority of the day/ trying to appear interested in our bosses daily Zoom call.

And hey, let go. Just give in. Call a friend. Or don’t talk to anyone for days. Life is all about balance. Watch endless surf films, and if you can, go surf till you’re so tired and hungry that you’re actually grumpy again. It’s totally fine and understandable to cry and scream and Facetime your best mate and admit that you’re having a hard time. Clear out the negative so you have space for the positive.

Man, life can be tough. But it can be freaking amazing too.

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