The Sustainable Surfer

surfer on the bottom of a large wave in the ocean at the coast of the canary islands surfing


words by Lottie Lewis & pictures by Bjorn Haeck

As surfers, it’s more or less our duty to be eco-warriors of the water. The ocean is where we have fun, share moments, connect with nature, find solace and wave slide. It gives us so much that we are surely under obligation to give back as much as we can? Below you’ll find our guide for the sustainable surfer; a collation of tips and tricks to make sure your salty existence is that little bit kinder to Pacha Mama.

surfer smiling in the water, black and white image of surfing dude at the coastline

Take the slow road

Hey man, what’s the rush? If you’re not in hurry then take a second to slow it down. Appreciate the road that takes you there. If where you’re headed can be walked or cycled then drop your keys and pull on your trainers. It’s miles better for the environment and keeps you healthier too. Adventures are better shared, so when you drive somewhere, try to fill your car. It’ll mean you have fewer vehicles on the road (equalling fewer emissions) and you’ll be able to fight over the road trip playlist too.

Heading to warmer climes? Some airlines are more sustainable than others. For example, selected flight companies use biofuel or offset their carbon emissions with their revenues. Other ways to fly more eco-friendly are by choosing direct flights and planting trees for your air miles travelled. 


Keep the beaches clean

Obviously, we never leave our litter anywhere. We recycle it or stick it in the bin. However, this can’t be said for everyone. Laziness, lack of education, and economic problems lead to a tide of plastic pollution, but it’s well within our power to help.

We support the #2minutebeachclean charity in their fight to keep our shores and seas clean. It doesn’t take longer than 2 minutes to make an impact, so next time you’re out for a surf, walking home, or jumping off the train, take the time to grab any litter you see and get it safely in the bin.

Together we can make a huge difference in cleaning up the planet.

 inspiring color image of surfer shot behind a wave with green blue colours of the line up in the ocean with rocks and mountains in the back

Use reef-friendly sunscreen

Non-eco-friendly sunscreens harm the environment. The chemicals used in the sun cream that we protect our faces with, definitely don’t protect marine life. Did you know that over 10,000 tonnes of sunscreen end up in our coral reefs each year? Whilst you’re out getting barrelled, saltwater and sweat wash the cream off your skin and into the water and ecosystem. That’s why it’s best to choose mineral sunscreens.

They are better for your skin AND the environment, keeping your freckles and the fish safe in unison. It might be a bit pricier, but it’s well worth the money.

two different shots of INMIND products and short sleeve t-shirts, first is a shot of our labels hanging on a dyed ochre t-shirt made of organic cotton and second is our collaboration of Isabelle with her watercolour designs on our organic natural raw fibres 

Buy responsibly and shop sustainably

The surfing industry today is sadly pretty pollutant. Therefore it’s important that we make conscious choices. Here at INMIND most of our outerwear is made from recycled fibres, whilst all our cotton is organic and fair trade. We always put the planet first, consistently avoid fast fashion and never mass produce our lines to minimize waste.

When it comes to kit, there are so many awesome second-hand boards on the market, and if you’re going to treat yourself to a freshie then why not donate or sell your old one to a grom who’d appreciate it? It’s also worth taking a look at wetsuit brands that have a more eco-friendly approach. Many companies are now using Yulex, Limestone neoprene, and rubber made from recycled plastic bottles. It doesn’t take much digging to find more planet-positive options.


INMIND is all about living life with quality over quantity. Quality time and quality kit, over joining the rat race and the fast fashion industry. We also strive to keep sustainability and creativity at the forefront of our minds. Together we can make the world a better place. 

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