Located in the Indian Ocean, a chain of 26 magic atolls stretches from north to south. It is the world's lowest country, with even its highest natural point being the lowest in the world. That’s where Gijs will take you with his dreamy story. 


This is my short story in paradise. Back in August ’17 I went together with my dad to the Maldives hoping to score some sick ass waves before I had to start my school year. We had our stay on one of the islands of the north male atoll. For the time we were there the waves were on fire,  5 to 10 ft faces with almost each day a very light offshore breeze.
A typical day in paradise looks kinda like this. Every morning we took of with a tiny fishing boat to the different surf spots that we set out. Especially Jailbreaks and Sultans were our favourites. No way you can compare the surf to what we’re used to in the Netherlands. It’s just on a whole other level. Looking like a big wave machine but in fact just Mother Nature doing her thing. Long blue peeling lines, perfect rights. And on top of that, sitting in the inside of Sultans with enough patience you had some sick barrels coming through. 
On the best days it was pretty crowded and the line-up was packed. But even then the stoke was high. We ‘re used to so many people in the water fighting for every rimple and scratch. Scheveningen is one of the most well known and best spots in the Netherlands so when there’re waves coming in so are the people. 
I’ve never surfed such decent consistent spots before and it truely was one of my best experiences in the water. I had the time of my life and can’t wait to go back discovering some more with my mates!


By Gijs Van Den Berg